An Introduction to the types of Smart Home

Smart Home is a constantly evolving market which is finding its way into many properties. The current Smart Home market can be broadly divided up into two main categories…

Internet of Things (IOT)

Internet of Things are generally standalone smart technology devices designed to work independently or may be integrated with third party platforms such as Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Home. Such devices are generally intended as entry in the world of Smart Home.


  • Low cost entry into simple Smart Home compared to complete Smart Home Platforms
  • Average user can easily manage and control such devices
  • Relatively fast installation setup time


  • User may end up with multiple apps compared to complete Smart Home Platforms
  • Generally lacks the level of customisation compared to Smart Home Platforms
  • May be limitations in future expansion compared to Smart Home Platforms

Professional Smart Home

Professional Smart Home is a combination of technologies that are integrated together to bring complete automation to your property and generally operate using a single platform to control all devices. Such solutions are deigned for professional installation.


  • Highest level of customisation of the automation of your property for the best possible result
  • Ideal for future proofing and expansion over time
  • Easy to live with – generally would be controlled through a single platform and app


  • Needs professional installation
  • More expensive compared to standalone Internet of Things devices

Between Internet of Things (IoT) and Professional Smart Home, there are now many well established brands that have defined certain spaces within the market. Below we provide a summarised comparison of some of the key categories each brand covers for both of these categories.

Regardless of which type of solution you go for, both categories can give you the benefits of…

  • Safety & Security  –
  • Convenience – 
  • Efficiency –
  • Entertainment – 

HomeTechWare Smart Home knows the marketplace and options can look overwhelming and that you may not know where to begin or what solution can best help you benefit the most from. As HomeTechWare Smart Home deals with all of these brands and technologies, we are in a prime position to assist from the simplest of requirements to the most complex. Please get in touch.

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