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NICEIC and UKAS accredited, fully insured engineers available for basic installation and maintenance to sophisticated projects

How can I benefit from HomeTechWare Computers & Networks?

As we rely on our computers, smart devices and networks more than ever, it’s important to ensure these work reliably, safely and securely for peace of mind.

HomeTechWare Computers & Networks , as a service, can cover your requirements and more for home and small business users alike, covering a wide variety of issues. Our team can support you both on-site or remotely depending on your requirements.

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Computers & Networks by

Wireless Networks (WiFi)

HomeTechWare can provide your home or business with a variety of Wireless Network (WiFi) solutions. These include simple to sophisticated mesh solutions to give you optimal performance at every corner of your property. We can optimise existing networking or design and install new wireless networks from the ground up, to give you a complete solution.

Wired Networks

HomeTechWare can provide your home or business with robust hardwired network solutions. These are designed to cater to environments that need maximum reliability and performance. We can optimise existing networking or design and install new wireless networks from the ground up, to give you a complete solution.


HomeTechWare can provide your home or business with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which is a proven technology that lets anyone place phone calls over an internet connection. With the rise of broadband, VoIP has become the definitive choice for phone service for consumers and businesses alike.

Desktop & Mobile Device Support

HomeTechWare can support a variety of computers and devices for more general support, covering both home and business needs. This may include issues such as installing certain software to tutorials in how to make use of it.

Cybersecurity & Firewalls

HomeTechWare can provide your home or business with a variety of security solutions for your computers and devices. These are designed to prevent malware being installed on your hardware or malicious attempts to get hold of personal or confidential data.

Custom PC Builds, Repairs & Upgrades

HomeTechWare can design custom PC’s for users with a variety of needs for both home and business. From simple needs, home theatre computers, creative work to gaming and more, we have solutions to cover all of these requirements. We can also repair and upgrade your existing hardware to make the most of what you already have.

Accidental Damage & Repair

HomeTechWare  can provide an express service in the event of accidental damage to your computers and mobile devices. This includes issues such as broken screens, damaged components and more.

Storage Solutions

HomeTechWare can provide your home or business with a variety of storage solutions depending on your requirements. Solutions include local, remote and cloud which are customised to suit your needs or we may be able to optimise existing solutions you already have.


HomeTechWare can design and install custom servers to cover a variety of needs for both home and business requirements. These include both physical and virtual servers, designed to suit a broad variety of scenarios.

If you would like to learn more about these technologies, please take a look at the HomeTechWare Blog

HomeTechWare provides service to...

Domestic, Commercial and Industrial property across London.


Such as Detached homes, Semi-Detached homes, Flats, Apartments, Mobile homes, Townhouses and more...


Such as Offices, Retail stores, Shopping Centres, Hotels, Restaurants, Medical centres, Sports facilities and more...


Such as Warehouses, Manufacturing facilities, Distribution hubs, Data Centres, Heavy industry and much more...

Why choose HomeTechWare
Computers & Networks?

This is what makes HomeTechWare stand out from all the rest.

Straight-forward experience with peace of mind

Through a free site survey, an experienced and highly trained engineer will determine the right technology and setup to meet your requirements and the solution matches your requirements. With your new HomeTechWare Security Alarm, the engineer will carry out a number of tests to ensure your system is highly reliable and has optimal coverage and function.

Highly experienced engineers

Our fully qualified engineers have the capability to carry out your HomeTechWare Security Alarm installation from start to finish in-house including electrical provisioning to BS7671 as we are NICEIC approved contractors.

Adapted to different user types

The system will be designed to handle a variety of user types e.g. full access for owners, limited access for visitors and special needs users.

Enhanced solutions available

Because of our technology expertise, we can push your system further so you get the most out of it including integrating your system with other platforms e.g. Smart Home.

Special requirements

We can provide solutions for ever-changing requirements including medical, security, convenience and more.


Should you have any issues with your professionally installed HomeTechWare Computers & Networks, you would be assured of a fast response to any issues that may arise. We provide full, on-site warranties to provide you with a hassle-free experience along with service plans.

How we work

HomeTechWare can help you get even more from your Computers & Networks by
combining it with other solutions we specialise in.

  • Book a site survey

    Our Technical Surveyor will schedule a visit to your property at a time that suits you

  • The visit

    Our Technical Surveyor will confirm they are on their way to you. They will learn your requirements, assess your property and will then explain what options exist and may be able to provide a quote/estimate on the spot where possible.

  • Arranging the work

    Once your work has been agreed, our scheduling team will coordinate a convenient works date with you.

  • Works day

    The visiting Engineer will call before arriving. Upon arrival, they will check through any information they may need from you or to provide you with.

  • Completion of work

    Upon completion of any work, the Engineer will provide you with a demo or instructions as needed and contact information in case any issues arise with the work. They will then take away any agreed waste material and leave your property in a clean and tidy condition.


If in the unlikely event you do experience any issues with our work, get in touch with us and we will respond fast.

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