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Why choose HomeTechWare
Audio & Video solutions?

HomeTechWare Audio & Video (AV) can provide you with everything from the simplest to the most sophisticated
Audio & Video solutions using the very latest technology, to meet a variety of needs and requirements.

Multi-room Audio Systems

HomeTechWare can design and install bespoke Multi-room Audio Systems in your property to meet your requirements. Such solutions are designed to have audio ‘follow’ you wherever you are in your property for a seamless, high-quality listening experience. For example, you can enjoy audio such as music, news and podcasts using devices like your Smartphone to stream to the system.

Home Cinema Systems

HomeTechWare can design and install complete Home Cinema System solutions to meet your requirements. These solutions are designed to give a theatre like experience in the comfort of your own home with high quality Audio & Video.


HomeTechWare can design and install Projector solutions in your property to meet your requirements. These solutions enable you to have large screen displays for a cinema-like experience with HD video quality and above.

Matrix Solutions

HomeTechWare can design and install Matrix Solutions in your property to meet your requirements. Matrix Solutions, for example, allow you to stream a single output of Audio & Video to multiple displays and speakers around a property. This might also be used, for example, for advertising on a Video Wall i.e. multiple video panels which form a single large display.

Smart Home Audio & Video Solutions

HomeTechWare can design and install Smart Home Audio & Video Solutions in your property to meet your requirements. These solutions are based on Smart technology which means that they integrate together seamlessly and can even be expanded to include control over other parts of your property. For example, if your Security Alarm were to be triggered, this could activate your Audio & Video solutions to deter intruders from entering the property.

Installation & Mounting Services

HomeTechWare provides professional Installation and Mounting Services for your Audio & Video requirements. For example, if you have purchased a large panel LCD display or speakers and need assistance in mounting, installing and configuring your equipment, we can help.

Aerial & Satellite

HomeTechWare can install Aerial & Satellite solutions in your property to meet your requirements including multiroom and multiproperty. These solutions enable you to connect to a wide variety of services such as Freeview, Freesat, Sky and Local & International Broadcast Services.

Conference, Meeting Room & Commercial Solutions

HomeTechWare can design and install solutions to meet Audio & Video requirements for Conference and Meeting Rooms and Commercial Solutions in general. For example, you can speak, hear and see meeting attendees at another location using remote technology to help save time and money.

Personal Announcement (PA) Systems

HomeTechWare can design and install Personal Announcement (PS) Systems. These systems can be used to broadcast audio across different zones and areas to reach their target audience. Applications can include security, general information and even entertainment such as music.

If you would like to learn more about these technologies, please take a look at the HomeTechWare Blog

Enhanced HomeTechWare Audio & Video

HomeTechWare Audio & Video has broad knowledge and experience to effectively allow us to integrate a variety of systems and platforms to give you your ideal solution. For example, you may have existing equipment you would like to utilise as part of the final solution or you may like your solution integrated with Smart Home `{`h`}` to get even more out if it. Or you may want to integrate your Security Alarm with an Audio solution to deter potential intruders, for example.

HomeTechWare Audio & Video can assess, design and install a solution to give you your desired outcome.

HomeTechWare provides service to...

Domestic, Commercial and Industrial property across London.


Such as Detached homes, Semi-Detached homes, Flats, Apartments, Mobile homes, Townhouses and more...


Such as Offices, Retail stores, Shopping Centres, Hotels, Restaurants, Medical centres, Sports facilities and more...


Such as Warehouses, Manufacturing facilities, Distribution hubs, Data Centres, Heavy industry and much more...

Why choose HomeTechWare
Audio & Video?

This is what makes HomeTechWare stand out from all the rest.

Straight-forward experience with peace of mind

Through a free site survey, an experienced and highly trained engineer will determine the right technology and setup to meet your requirements and the solution matches your requirements. With your new HomeTechWare Security Alarm, the engineer will carry out a number of tests to ensure your system is highly reliable and has optimal coverage and function.

Highly experienced engineers

Our fully qualified engineers have the capability to carry out your HomeTechWare Security Alarm installation from start to finish in-house including electrical provisioning to BS7671 as we are NICEIC approved contractors.

Adapted to different user types

The system will be designed to handle a variety of user types e.g. full access for owners, limited access for visitors and special needs users.

Enhanced solutions available

Because of our technology expertise, we can push your system further so you get the most out of it including integrating your system with other platforms e.g. Smart Home.

Special requirements

We can provide solutions for ever-changing requirements including medical, security, convenience and more.


Should you have any issues with your professionally installed HomeTechWare Audio & Video, you would be assured of a fast response to any issues that may arise. We provide full, on-site warranties to provide you with a hassle-free experience along with service plans.

How we work

HomeTechWare can help you get even more from your Audio & Video by
combining it with other solutions we specialise in.

  • Book a site survey

    Our Technical Surveyor will schedule a visit to your property at a time that suits you

  • The visit

    Our Technical Surveyor will confirm they are on their way to you. They will learn your requirements, assess your property and will then explain what options exist and may be able to provide a quote/estimate on the spot where possible.

  • Arranging the work

    Once your work has been agreed, our scheduling team will coordinate a convenient works date with you.

  • Works day

    The visiting Engineer will call before arriving. Upon arrival, they will check through any information they may need from you or to provide you with.

  • Completion of work

    Upon completion of any work, the Engineer will provide you with a demo or instructions as needed and contact information in case any issues arise with the work. They will then take away any agreed waste material and leave your property in a clean and tidy condition.


If in the unlikely event you do experience any issues with our work, get in touch with us and we will respond fast.

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